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I hadn't been to a dentist in 13 years. In total, my dentist visits could have been counted on one hand. These people are my dental salvation. I just wanted to get my mouth right, and they're the ones I chose. I've had four wisdom teeth extracted and a root canal on a lower bicuspid (1 root). All these procedures were performed masterfully, professionally and with the utmost care for myself. You really get the feeling that Dr.s Longo and Chung are virtuosos considering the digital strength and endurance required, offset by the sensitivity required while working in someone's head less than 2 inches from their brain with a high speed dental drill. I went to work within 12 hours of all my procedures and only required an extra strength aspirin for the root canal. I also had a cleaning done there, and the hygienist is on staff. She doesn't hop around from office to office, a toothy opportunist. She even reviewed proper brushing technique, flossing etc. The whole team there are open to all my questions and are always quick to acknowledge and allay my fears. They have been more than generous allowing me to make weekly payments as I do not have insurance. Lastly, here's an example of their commitment... After one of my extractions, I developed an abcess in the tooth requiring a root canal. Knowing that I wouldn't be able to go forward with my root canal with an active abscess, I panicked and called on a weekend when the office was closed. In hindsight I know that those 2 days wouldn't have been anything drastic for me, but i was panicking. Within 5 minutes of leaving a message, Dr. Longo called me back, from out of town, and got me set straight with an antibiotic prescription he was able to call in for me. He could've let me hang for a bit. He could've called me back and said that it was nothing drastic. He could've even told me to setup an appointment to setup another appointment to absolutely make sure it was an abscess. Instead of these, he did the right thing by me. 'Nuff said.

Evan Riley

Very nice office. Wonderful Staff and Great Dentist.


In my many dental experiences, I have come to greatly appreciate and respect Dr. Longo and Dr. Chung. These two dentists very often go above and beyond what they are expected to do as dentists and treat many of their patients as family. They do everything from a basic cleaning to implants and do everything with thought and concern for each individual patient! They are a great duo that work together so that every person that walks through their door gets the best service with a smile that they deserve! I have had my whole family have work done by these two amazing dentists and I dare to say everyone of them was not only extremely satisfied with their work but left feeling like they were special. Dr. Longo and Dr. Chung make sure each patient is treated individually, so you know that you are not just a number. They take their time in deciding what the best course of action is for each individual and they will explain it completely to you before the work starts, so that you are comfortable with the decision before the work even begins. I would highly recommend these two gentlemen to make for your very own Dentist!

Ashley L

This provider answered all my questions. The staff was wonderful and went above and beyond what was expected!


Cannot express how happy I was at this wonderful Dental office. Staff and Doctors were just wonderful. You will not be disappointed here.


Their primary concern is my safety and comfort, and they always take the time to address every concern of mine immediately. Not only were they able to provide everything they promised me, they went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. They always make an effort to make me feel respected and attended to. They always listen to every question or concern I may have. I like to keep records of everything I spend, so I was planning on asking for an invoice for my procedure, but they gave me one before I could ask. I was impressed with their professionalism. They were so easy to reach in an emergency, they answered my call immediately. It is a relief to know that they are always there for me , when I need them the most.

Zoltan Fekete